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A couple (Lena Paul and Victoria Voxxx) are relaxing at home when they are unexpectedly visited by their friend Skylar Snow. Skylar has mistakenly shown up a week early for a surprise birthday party that Lena is planning for Victoria. Whoops! Desperate to come up with a cover story, a panicked Skylar lies and says that she has stopped by to propose a threesome to the couple. Sabina Rouge is in her car in front of the house that she shares with her girlfriend, Bella Rolland. Sabina is leaving a message on Bella's voicemail because she's having an awful day. Sabina is ready to put this whole day behind her. But as she opens her bedroom door, she gets the shock of a lifetime: Bella is in bed with another woman, Bunny Colby. Sabina is furious; this is literally the worst day of her life. Bunny tries to awkwardly sneak away, but Sabina stops her, boldly stating that they both owe her. Harley Haze, Kuleana and Silvia Saige are chatting about a recent night out with the girls, reliving the excitement. But the more they chat, the more Harley starts to get the sneaky suspicion that Silvia has the hots for Kuleana. When Silvia and Kuleana press their lips together, sparks fly between them... and Harley wants to join, it goes From Bad to Worse.

От плохого к худшему - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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