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Masseuse Paige Owens is tidying up her private massage room, getting ready for her next appointment. She looks distracted and unhappy. Her client, Jay Smooth, knocks on the door then enters, warm and chipper, but grows concerned when he sees Paige. He asks her if everything's ok. Paige admits that she's recently broken up with her girlfriend. But when Jay asks why they broke up, she finally admits to having a physical attraction to him and wanting to explore. He is surprised but agrees. There's no denying it - Paige is definitely GUY-curious! Juan Loco arrives at a house with a delivery, just doing his job, but is blown away when India Summer, wearing sexy lingerie and a robe, answers the door. She looks him up and down then asks him to drop the box off inside since it's too heavy for her to carry. Although he tries to be professional and polite, he falters under India's lustful gaze and steps inside Brooklyn Gray, a beautician, is giving London River a new hairstyle while London's husband, Charles Dera, waits nearby. Brooklyn sees how bored Charles is and offers to give him a massage in the meantime -- on the house. Although Charles is hesitant, London encourages him to go ahead since her hair is going to take a while to set yet. Finally, Charles accepts and Brooklyn starts to give him a massage. Brooklyn starts making the massage more sensual, taking Charles' cock out for a rub! Brooklyn becomes more lustful until she finally climbs onto Charles' cock to give them BOTH a very nice happy ending.

Кое-что за Ваши хлопоты - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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