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Freya Parker and her friend Leana Lovings are excited as they settle in to have their first slumber party. They excitedly chatter and Leana asks why Freya never attends group slumber parties. Freya admits that she has a quirk: she has to go to bed in the nude! Freya doesn't mind, but as they lie side-by-side, stealing hungry looks at each other's naked bodies, it doesn't look like they'll be getting any shut-eye any time soon! Coco Lovelock is in her bed when she hears a knock at the door. The door opens to reveal Ava Sinclair, who is holding a pillow and blanket. Ava looks around, puzzled "where IS everyone? Isn't TONIGHT the slumber party?". But Coco informs Ava that she canceled the event due to Ava recently coming out as a lesbians. Coco felt uncomfortable with potentially having Ava around ogling all the other girls. But Coco IS curious about lesbians sex, and now that Ava has come out as lesbians herself... maybe they could practice together? Hazel Moore notices that her girlfriend, Kimmy Kimm, is distressed. Kimmy shares that she's nervous about their next class. They're supposed to be dissecting frogs, and Kimmy is worried that she won't be able to go through with it. Hazel starts giving Kimmy a backrub, intent on making her feel as relaxed as possible. As she does, her hands move lower, grazing Kimmy's ass. Whatever feelings of anxiety have vanished from Kimmy. Maybe Hazel could teach Kimmy a few tricks you DON'T learn in science class.

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