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Two lesbians couples - Eliza Ibarra and her girlfriend Kenna James, along with Spencer Bradley and her girlfriend Kenzie Anne - excitedly arrive at a resort. They get their room keys, but there's trouble in paradise behind closed doors. It seems like both Eliza and Kenzie are adventurous types while Kenna and Spencer aren't. This causes a lot of friction. Finally, Kenna and Kenzie both storm away from their partners. Kenzie ends up finding Eliza alone and they both rant about their lovers. The more they open up to each other, the more compatible they realize they both are. The unexpected spark between them turns into a raging fire as they decide to get hot and heavy, fully embracing their adventurous, wild side! Kenna is sulking in her room, her emotions raw after the fight she just had with Eliza. This wasn't how this couples vacation was supposed to go! Spencer arrives at Kenna's room and starts to chat. They realize that they might have more in common with each other than they have with their actual girlfriends! Sparks begin to fly between them and they eventually decide to get intimate, keen on giving their newfound desire a chance! Aiden Ashley gets a call from her friend, Coco Lovelock. Coco's wondering if she can come over to Aiden's to do laundry there instead of at her dorm. Aiden's happy to help. Coco arrives, but doesn't seem too chipper today, so Aiden asks her what's wrong. Coco says she's been trying to experiment sexually, but none of the lesbianss there seem to want to give her the time of day. Lucky for Coco, Aiden's happy to give her a crash course in lesbians sex that will make Coco the most experienced girl on campus!

Неприятности в раю - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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