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A lawyer (Siouxsie Q) is speaking with a woman, Brianna (Casey Calvert). It is revealed that Brianna's parent has recently passed away and shes shocked and angry when she finds out that her parent didn't leave her any money. Instead, she is to be given a monthly income if she agrees to take care of her parent's pet, Tabby. Brianna begrudgingly agrees to look after Tabby, so the lawyer gives her a mysterious key. Later that day, Brianna arrives at her late parent's house, and a beautiful woman (Paige Owens) answers the door. The woman explains that SHE is Tabby. Brianna is completely shocked and asks about the key that the lawyer gave her. She is stunned to discover that it's the key to Tabby's chastity belt! Two girlfriends, Kaylee (Alison Rey) and Isabelle (Jewelz Blu), show up at a loft they are now renting together. They are excited about the move, especially since their landlady, Henrietta (Serene Siren), is also a lesbians. Henrietta greets the young women, meeting Isabelle for the first time. There are hints of attraction from Henrietta towards Isabelle. As the days go by, Kaylee and Isabelle's relationship goes through several misfortunes. Kaylee says she's going to leave for a bit. Isabelle is hurt but understanding. Henrietta then peeks into the loft... and now that Isabelle is alone, it's time for Henrietta to get what she wants.

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