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Marcelle, a natural blonde, has the long lanky looks of a cover girl model. She fucks wearing sunglasses. She sucks cock hitting on amyl nitrate. Cheri, a brunette, also has the long lanky looks of a cover girl model. She doesn’t wear sunglasses when she fucks. Nor does she hit on amyl nitrate while sucking cock. Ah, the many contrasts of the women of porn...

Cheri’s pal is ANNIE SPRINKLE and, after a fun-filled day doing the tourist thing around New York City, they double up on a black ad executive. The main idea here is getting ahead. This they do by giving head.
Annie longs to "get into something I can be proud of... instead of some crummy porno magazine with a picture of my cunt. "So she shaves her pussy bald and sticks a toothbrush in her asshole. Then she blows the ad executive. Presumably, just a few of the many things she can be proud of.
Marcelle takes it in both ends from two guys. All the while, she never stops chewing gum. None of these Cover Girls in Heat may have ever ended up on the covers of Cosmo or Vogue but they all know what to do with a raging hardon which is all Prince Pervo expects from vintage 70s porn.

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