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Reagan Foxx is preparing dinner when her stepdaughter, Leana Lovings, returns home from school. To Reagan's surprise, Leana offers to help with meal prep- something Leana usually NEVER offers to do. Reagan grows even more perturbed when she notices that Leana's being MUCH nicer to her than usual... Reagan confronts her stepdaughter, saying that she can tell that she's tiptoeing around something! Slimthick Vic and her stepdaughter, Anna Claire Clouds, share an emotional moment after school and embrace, with Vic giving Anna a familial peck on the lips. But Vic gets caught up in the moment and then accidentally makes the kiss more romantic. Vic apologizes, shocked at her impulsive move, but then is even MORE shocked when Anna lovingly admits that she LIKED it and wants them to be closer than ever... Aften Opal is relaxing in the living room while her stepmom, Lexi Luna, does a bit of tidying. Lexi then says that she has some VERY important business to take care of in her bedroom, and she wants to make sure Aften understands NOT to disturb her. Aften doesn't mind, since she can watch the new TV. Once Lexi is alone in her room, it turns out that the "important business" she was talking about is some alone time with her new remote controlled vibrator!

Драгоценные подарки - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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