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Serene Siren and her friend Ana Foxxx return to Serene's new apartment after a fun night out. Ana congratulates Serene on the apartment, knowing that Serene worked hard to live in such a nice place. Jumping onto Serene's bed, Ana motions for Serene to come sit next to her. Ana then gives Serene a shoulder rub, and Serene can't help but think that Ana seems more touchy-feely than usual… Brooklyn (Leana Lovings) has invited her girlfriend, Ashley (Gizelle Blanco), to be her date at her school's prom tonight. The prom at Ashley's school didn't allow same-sex couples, so Ashley is excited that now she can attend a prom with her girlfriend. Brooklyn, however, is anxious since this will be her coming out! Evelyn (Dee Williams) welcomes Ariel (Spencer Bradley) into her house, helping her with some luggage. Through their conversation, it's revealed that Evelyn is renting a spare bedroom to Ariel, and Ariel is moving in that day. The two develop a bond as they share intimate conversations and get to know each other. Throughout, there are hints that a mutual appreciation is growing between them, although it's unclear whether it's just mutual respect and admiration or if there's something more...

Великий поступок - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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