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Debby is a young virgin who resists her fiancé's advances for premarital sex. One night she arrives home and finds her mother in a threesome with two men. Shocked, she wanders along the highway where four Black men in a Cadillac verbally abuse and kidnap her. Duke, the leader of the gang rapes Debby. The men take her to the cabin they live and Duke declares that she is his "chick". Other members of the gang oppose and they start a poker game for sexual rights over her. Shorty and Coke win and they rape Debby. Next morning, Duke's girlfriend Jody and a mafioso-type White man who pays the gang to start a race riot in the city arrive at the cabin. After the White man leaves, Jody expresses her discontent for the presence of the "honky bitch" and Duke's protective approach towards her. Duke gives his men the order to rape Jody. While gang members engage in a sequence of punitive rape, Duke takes Debby to his room to console her and the two have sex. Next day Debby attempts to run but she is caught. Duke and two of the men depart to accomplish the plans for the riot. Jody leads Stitch the mentally retarded member of the gang to anally ravish Debby....

Горячее Лето в Городе - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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