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Cadence Lux unpacks a new vibrator and is excited about the remote app feature. Cadence decides to be sneaky and send a remote play code to her boyfriend, who will then be able to control the toy from afar. But she unknowingly clicks on the wrong contact, so instead of sending the code to her boyfriend, she accidentally sends it to her Lesbians-->Lesbiansssss roommate, Octavia Red! Penny Barber, a veteran pageant queen, has been coaching Alexis Tae. The pageant is tomorrow, so they're doing a dress rehearsal today. Penny can hardly believe her eyes. Alexis looks riveting. Alexis tells Penny that the only reason she has the courage to do so is because of Penny. And right now, she's willing to prove to Penny just how thankful she really is. Katrina Colt has recently broken up with her boyfriend and has come to his house to pick up the last of her things. Thankfully, her best friend, Scarlett Alexis, has tagged along for support. But when they arrive at the house, they see that Katrina's ex has literally just tossed everything half-hazardously into boxes without taking a single care. It's totally humiliating, and Katrina wishes there was a way she could one-up the bastard... That's when Scarlett gets a naughtily brilliant idea! Enjoy You Leave Me Speechless.

Ты оставляешь меня без голоса - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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