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Sexy blonde Veronica Leal is flirting with Nick Ross by the fire, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Flame Of Passion" begins. Veronica straddles Nick’s lap and they kiss passionately; he pulls her dress from her shoulders and fondles her lovely breasts, sucking her nipples amorously. Wriggling down to the floor, Veronica unzips Nick’s jeans and licks his stiff cock from root to tip before taking it in her mouth for a voracious blowjob. Moving astride him again, she guides his erection into her tight pussy and rides vigorously, rocking her hips and sliding up and down his thick pole until she has an intense squirting orgasm. Nick rolls Veronica onto her back and eats her drenched pussy, then fingers her to another powerful squirting climax before penetrating her in missionary. She pins her legs high and wide as he fucks her hard and fast, then switches to spoons and drills her with deep, steady strokes. They pick up the pace and Veronica makes an even bigger splash before Nick cums inside her soaked sex.

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