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Five years after graduating, a group of former friends reunite for a weekend in a sumptuous villa by the sea rented for the occasion. During their studies, they all aspired to succeed in the same field, but as the years passed, each of them took a different path. Clara Mia is an emerging writer, Alice Drake is a veterinarian, and Mary (Anita Rover) has become a lawyer. Ricky Rascal owns a camera shop, Nick (Sam Bourne) is a DJ, and Tommy Cabrio is a waiter with aspirations to become a chef. Ricky, who has always been passionate about photography and video, suggests documenting the reunion and making a sort of time capsule for the future. As the weekend begins under the sign of celebration and joy of reuniting after so many years, tensions quickly become apparent. In the past, Ricky and Clara were attracted to each other, but their studies were more important than anything, and they never crossed that invisible barrier between them. And what if this weekend was their opportunity to reconnect and give in to desire and temptation? What could be more romantic than a beautiful villa in the middle of nowhere to let their feelings take over?

5 лет спустя - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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