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Starfire hears a victim in trouble and races to the scene. She quickly dispatches of the "perp" only to receive a dosage of electricity courtesy of her home world. She wakes to find herself face to face with Bane while a "victim" appears to be locked in a cage. She manipulates Bane to let her down for a "fair fight" and he takes the bait. She quickly disables him, and redirects her attention to rescuing the victim. After another dosage of electricity from the cage, the "victim" reveals herself as none other than Starfire's sister Blackfire. It was a trap all along. Blackfire has tracked Starfire down and wants to put her into slavery, an eventuality Starfire has been running from. Find out how motivated Blackfire is to subjegate her sister and what happens when Bane rejoins the fight.

Огненная битва - смотрите эротику бесплатно!

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