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Coco Lovelock is doing homework in her college dorm room when her stepmoms, Charlie Forde and Dana Vespoli, arrive for a weekend visit. Coco asks them what the big deal about college is. Charlie and Dana say it's where they discovered their sexuality, but Coco says that college isn't any fun for her. Charlie and Dana are happy to assist, so they decide to introduce her to her first lesbians experience! Elsa Jean and her stepmother, Rachael Cavalli, have been romantically and sexually involved since Rachael divorced Elsa's dad. However, they have to hide their relationship since they know that not everyone will be cool with it. But one day, Rachael slyly says, "Why Don't You Bring a Friend Over?" A few days later, Jade Nile visits, and Elsa and Rachael carefully reveal that they are involved. Although Jade is surprised, she's not turned off by it. In fact, she's game for a little lesbians threesome! Mona Wales is relaxing on the couch when her stepdaughter Kenzie Reeves enters. Kenzie trails a finger along Mona's arm. It's clear that their relationship is very intimate. Kenzie's phone buzzes; it's Kenzie's ex-stepmom, Kendra James, texting about needing somewhere to stay the night. It looks like Kenzie doesn't have to choose between her new mommy and her old mommy; she can have both!

Почему бы тебе не пригласить друга? - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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