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Demi Hawks shyly asks her stepmoms, Reagan Foxx and Kenzie Taylor, if they'd be willing to hear the speech she's working on for school. The stepmoms are supportive and eager. Demi tries to deliver her speech, but she can't even get through the first few sentences due to nerves. That's when the stepmoms remember the oldest trick in the book: picturing the audience in their underwear! Demi decides to give it a go... and that's when the stepmoms strip down to their underwear so that Demi doesn't have to spend energy imagining! Cory Chase and her friend Reagan Foxx are having a chat. Cory says her stepdaughter Kimmy Kimm doesn't listen to her anymore. Reagan has the same problem with her own stepdaughter, Jade Kimiko. That gives Cory and Reagan an idea. Later that day, Kimmy and Jade arrive, and are shocked when Cory and Reagan say they're going to punish each other's stepdaughters... with spanking! Destiny Mira is relaxing in her room when her stepmom, Misty Stone, enters to let her know that her book club is about to start. Misty then encourages Destiny to join them. When they step into the living room, Penny Barber and Jennifer White, Misty's friends and fellow club members, are waiting. It's revealed the book they're reading is a romance, but when they all start reading excerpts from it, Destiny is shocked by how STEAMY it is!

Схема обмена шлепками мачехи - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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